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Welcome to the Law Offices of Richard C. Stromberg
Richard C. Stromberg approaches the practice of law as a problem solver.
Mr. Stromberg provides his clients with pragmatic, no-nonsense representation designed to solve legal problems as promptly and efficiently as possible. He applies the skills and strategies appropriate to each unique situation, with the objective of finding the best and most cost-effective solution for his clients. 
Mr. Stromberg has been practicing law in California since 1980. His legal practice emphasizes construction, real estate and business matters.
Construction law makes up about two-thirds of Mr. Stromberg's practice. He has extensive experience in all aspects of construction disputes and issues, ranging from small residential remodels to large commercial and public projects. His experience also encompasses construction defects, complex construction claims, contract negotiation and drafting, contractor licensing issues, and business formation for contractors.
Real estate law and business law make up the remaining one-third of Mr. Stromberg's practice. His experience includes such matters as commercial leasing, easements and encroachments, real estate seller non-disclosure, partnership and intra-corporate disputes, and trade secrets and unfair competition.
Mr. Stromberg represents his clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation, as well as in a wide range of transactions.
Mr. Stromberg prides himself on providing his clients with prompt and responsive personal service. He keeps his clients informed, listens carefully to their needs, and treats each client as if they were his only client.
What Makes Us Different
At the Law Offices of Richard C. Stromberg, the client is never handed off to a young associate attorney, who may lack the experience and judgment (and street smarts) necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.
There also is no supervising attorney, who officially oversees the case but does not have first-hand knowledge of all details and developments.
Instead, Richard C. Stromberg personally handles each client's matter from start to finish. He always has a direct, up-to-date grasp of the issues and evidence, the status of the case, and the client's goals and objectives.
Mr. Stromberg keeps his clients "in the loop" about the progress of their legal matter.  He routinely discusses case status and strategy with his clients, and he welcomes their input. He also provides his clients with drafts of important documents such as motions, contracts and sensitive correspondence for their review and feedback.
Finally, Mr. Stromberg recognizes that attorneys are expensive. For that reason, he is committed to providing his clients with good value. Although most legal matters call for an hourly fee, Mr. Stromberg regularly adjusts his fees to reflect "value billing."
Areas of Practice
Richard C. Stromberg can represent you in a variety of legal matters involving construction, real estate and business.  
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Richard C. Stromberg will provide you with the personal and specific attention your legal matter requires.  Call or e-mail to schedule a consultation.
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